Dental Chair

All the dental operatories are equipped with high end dental chairs which are the ultimate in comfort and function. The touch less sensor.

Sterilization procedures

When you visit Dr.Shwetha's Dental & Implant Centre you can be sure that our patients safety is our primary concern.

Bio Lase

Dr.Shwetha's Dental & Implant Centre is equipped with the latest in soft tissue lasers, which can be used for surgeries, root canals, bleaching, implants.

Bleaching Machine

Dr. Shwethha's Dental & Implant Centre is equipped with Bleaching Machine, which is used for teeth whitening.

Radio Visio Graph

Dr.Shwetha's Dental Hospitals uses RVG or Digital X-ray using SOPRO digital imaging. The X-ray is shot using a digital sensor.
Physio dispenser

Physio Dispenser

Which is used in Implant surgeries & Oral surgeries.

Apex locators and Endo-mate

For a stress free and quick root canal we have Apex locators and rotary root canal machine Endo-mate.

Touchless sensor lights on dental chairs

Our dental chairs are equipped with lights that can be operated with touch less sensors, reducing the incidence of cross infections between patients.
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LED SCREEN on every dental chair

Kids wont find going to the dentist a bother anymore with the LED screens mounted on every dental chair.

Intra oral camera

This diagnostic tool helps you to view the problems inside your mouth to make a better informed decision about your treatment.