Bala Chary Na moju

Ch. Sankar Narayana
June 19, 2018
B. Venkatesham
July 27, 2018

I entered Dr.Shwethas Dental & Implant Centre with severe inflammation in the right upper jaw and tooth decay problem. I experience a very professional approach in dealing my problem with updated technology and committed team. A clear explanation of my problem and process of treatment, X ray and detailed dental care plan etc made me to place my experience on record for the most people like me… A regular remainder of my appointments and medicines intake also an unforgettable experience.. Especially the pain less treatment in the hands of Dr Shwetha make everybody smile..
I am sure with their modern technology and quality care, Dr Shwethas Dental & Implant Centre is able to create beautiful smiles for patients and would highly recommend to anyone…