Mr. Laxman

Mr Aslam
September 28, 2019
Mr Surender Kothari
September 28, 2019

What differentiates between excellence and average in any field but more specifically in the medical world is attention to the 4 C’s- concern, commitment, competence and cost

Most medical facilities ignore the first two and are indifferent to the last. The result is a very large group of disgruntled, unhappy, angry patients.

I met Dr.Shwetha, whose approach to my issues was extremely professional with demonstrative concern and commitment- the plan drawn was executed to my total satisfaction. With absolutely no pain and able to eat, bite, chew, freely is a joy, I cannot describe adequately.

The facility projects a very high standard of maintenance- developed an environment so soothing, that I call it ‘dental resort ‘.

I do not normally vocalize my views, but have made an exception as I felt it is about time a good work is appreciated publically.