Mrs. Madhumathi

Mrs. Hema
September 28, 2019
Mrs. Jayashree
September 28, 2019

As any patient entering the portals of a Dental Clinic, I too was filled with the fear of the unknown, even at my age!

I had gone to  Dr.Shwetha’s   Dental and Implant Center.

On my first visit to the clinic, I was a little apprehensive; but my fears were laid to rest- once I walked into Clinic and met Dr. Shwetha, who welcomed me with a cheerful smile and a warm ‘Hello’!

Her deft fingers took charge of my problem. I thank God for those terrifying injections- the fine needles that hurt but also helped to keep the pain away. I was able to go through the ‘process’, without pain! Sensing this, Dr.Shwetha would calm me down with her soothing voice and that relaxed me!

The reason I mention all this is, her hands never stopped doing their work, even while she kept her patient comfortable. Her confidence of being in control of her patient as well as the situation at hand stems from the depth of knowledge she has imbibed, skills and the experience she had gained in her profession– one can easily see that.

Thank you, Dr.Shwetha.