B. Venkatesham I.A.S

Secretary to Government, Youth Advancement, Tourism & Culture Dept. Govt. of Telangana

Dr Shwetha has wonderful skills making the feared dental procedures far less painful and short times. Her deft hands give permanent cure even when compared to very senior dentists in the city. Even the staff in her clinic are very courteous and make the entire dental appointment and treatment pleasant. The cost of treatment is lesser than the average cost of any other dentist.

Bala Chary Na moju (Private Secretary to Govt Whip)

Telangana Legislative Council

I entered Dr.Shwethas Dental & Implant Centre with severe inflammation in the right upper jaw and tooth decay problem. I experience a very professional approach in dealing my problem with updated technology and committed team. A clear explanation of my problem and process of treatment, X ray and detailed dental care plan etc made me to place my experience on record for the most people like me... A regular remainder of my appointments and medicines intake also an unforgettable experience.. Especially the pain less treatment in the hands of Dr Shwetha make everybody smile.. I am sure with their modern technology and quality care, Dr Shwethas Dental & Implant Centre is able to create beautiful smiles for patients and would highly recommend to anyone...

Ch. Sankar Narayana

Asst Director ESIC (Retd)

Dr. Shwetha is the best dentist that i ever met her smily face and her soothing words cures half, remaining by the prcedure she adopts. Her profound knowledge her untiring experience keeps her on top for ever with a pearly shine which fades never. I appreciate her concern to serve the society by imparting training to the field where she is at the pinnacle. I wish her ambition may transform into reality enlightening the lives of needy in the society.

V. N. V Naik

(Rtd) Scientist, Add Director

Dr. Shwetha & team are working very sincerely & dedicatedly. Dr. Shwetha is giving a very good treatment to the patient, even in complex cases. The work of this team gives very good result. The patient will go form here with all satisfaction & happiness. "I pray god to give this young team very good health, wisdom & prosperity". I wished this clinic all success, good and great name.


JPS (Retd.)

I am a patient of Dr. Shwetha for the last, nearly ten years, I have always found her to be highly professional in her work and in running her clinic. An excellent dentist with a gentle, painless touch. Thanks to her competence, my ten year old capped teeth are still going strong. Another big plus point with her is cheerful disposition. Despite long hours of work on a busy day she has cheerful smile on her face, even at 8 in the evening. I am happy to note that she is progressing well in her profession and I wish her all success in her career.

Mr Pramod Goud

NRI Business Man

I am a kind of person who is very scared of doctors... but this experience changed my mindset. Very friendly and calm doctor with a smile in her face. Makes one feel comfortable and assured that you are in safe hands. My entire treatment process was very easy going & educative as well. Would recommend it all. Thanks for making me smile again.

Dr Suvarna

M.D (Obs & Gyn)

Dr. Shwethas Dental & Implant Centre is one of the best in Hyderabad when it come to dental care. Apart from providing very good treatment, Dr Shwetha's educative interaction helped me a lot. If you believe in quality then Dr. Shwethas Dental and Implant Centre is the right place to Visit.



Very pleasant indeed! Dr. Shwetha is a good doctor who listen and understand her patients. When I first visited Dr. Shwetha’s clinic I was little nervous as everyone but she took enough time to explain me the procedure. She explained all pros and cons of the treatment so that I can make an independent judgment/ decision. Her staffs also extremely helpful and the rapport between Staffs and Dr.Shwetha is great. From my experience I can say Dr.Shwetha’s Dental & Implant Centre is one of the best in City.



Thanks for Dr.Shwethas Dental & Implant Centre & thank u for outstanding work.



Dr Shwetha is possibly the best dentist I have ever seen both from ability and her fantastic people skills. I was made to feel comfortable in what was not simple procedures. Both dentist and hygienist that were involved with my visits were fantastic and a credit to her practice. Appointment system is brilliant, always very accommodating with times. A reminder SMS is sent the working day beforehand. I also had a call confirming appointment, a personal thank you from myself for such exceptional visits and I am extremely happy with the work done! Thank you.

Mr Akbar Khadeer

As a child I was always afraid of visiting a dentist. My irregularly placed teeth were making me self-conscious about my appearance. When I visited Dr.Shwetha Dental and Implant Center, Dr.Shwetha suggested me to get braces done. I was a bit apprehensive about the treatment but the braces given to me were totally painless. They have completely changed my appearance and I am happy to get the amazing smile. Thank you, Dr.Shwetha!

Mr Praveen Sharma

I contacted Dr.Shwetha’s  Dental & Implant Center for multiple problems in my teeth. The Receptionists in the Front office welcomed me with cheers and obedience .I got appointment as per my choice.  I got the best treatment from Dr.Shwetha   for all my problems. Clinic follows appointment time very strictly and I was never made to wait .Follow up by receptionists are excellent. They remind us on the previous day also about the treatment time. Dr.Shwetha is excellent in root canal treatment .I had painless treatment. She also specializes in crown cutting and fixing. It was a surprise that crowns got fitted without further any alteration. I have tried other centers; normally crowns do not fit in one stroke. .She is also smiling and dedicated to work.   The clinic is very neat and well equipped with all latest instruments. Treatment at this clinic is affordable compared to other Dental hospitals. It is worth for the value and the perfect job doctor did.

Mr. Sai Goud

My Father took me to Dr.Shwetha’s Dental and Implant Center when he saw that my I was feeling awkward whenever I smiled .I was initially apprehensive when I heard that I will have to wear braces to correct my smile .I felt wearing and maintaining  braces will be tough. But I  weirdly enjoyed having braces and I just wanted to say a massive thank you ,Dr.Shwetha  for the time and effort you’ve put into achieving such a fantastic result for me. Being able to smile confidently without feeling self-conscious has changed my life, and I am so grateful for what you’ve done!

Mr Aslam

Dear Dr.Shwetha, I would like to thank you as well as your staff for allowing me to smile again and most importantly to eat normally. You have done an outstanding job which is changing my life for the better. A great many thanks, Dr.Shwetha, for the quality of your treatment. Yours sincerely,

Mr. Laxman

What differentiates between excellence and average in any field but more specifically in the medical world is attention to the 4 C’s- concern, commitment, competence and cost Most medical facilities ignore the first two and are indifferent to the last. The result is a very large group of disgruntled, unhappy, angry patients. I met Dr.Shwetha, whose approach to my issues was extremely professional with demonstrative concern and commitment- the plan drawn was executed to my total satisfaction. With absolutely no pain and able to eat, bite, chew, freely is a joy, I cannot describe adequately. The facility projects a very high standard of maintenance- developed an environment so soothing, that I call it ‘dental resort ‘. I do not normally vocalize my views, but have made an exception as I felt it is about time a good work is appreciated publically.

Mr Surender Kothari

It was first impression of a confidence and good atmosphere at Dr.Shwetha’s Dental and Implant Center.  I have completed almost all really big treatment included root canals, crowns, fillings and three implants. After the treatment I feel the teeth like my own ones. Reception team was very helpful whenever I needed to change an appointment. After few months of my experience with Dr.Shwetha’s  dental and Implant Center, I can say it’s the best dental clinic.  The clinic provides complex service in one place.  I received general evaluation of my teeth with various proposals of treatment and detailed explanation. I had no complications because of the highest level of hygiene, good equipment used and always same exact procedures for checking the quality on each step of a task done.

Mr. Ramchandra

Thank you, Dr. Shwetha! I wanted to write to you to let you know how much I appreciate the extraordinary work you have done on my teeth because I remember you every time I smile. I’ve enjoyed every single day of these past few months with the way my teeth look and feel, so natural. It is very clear that you love your profession and it is always a great pleasure and privilege to be your patient and to watch a real professional at work.  Everyone I have met or come in contact with in your clinic is so friendly and helpful I love what you have done with my teeth and thank you for making me want to smile a lot .You are the best and I am   so happy that you are my dentist.

Mr. Narendra Surana

I have had a great experience with Dr.Shwetha Dental and Implant Center and would highly recommend the clinic to anyone who needs major implant, bone grafting and dental care from inside or outside India. It is far more affordable and the care is top notch. I needed extensive work done on both my upper and lower teeth, including implants, bone grafts and bridges.  The staff was attentive and caring throughout the entire process. The result is that I have a beautiful smile and feel much more confident than I ever have before, with teeth that should last the rest of my life. Dr.Shwetha still keeps in touch to be certain I am following all procedures and ensure the longevity of my new teeth. Thank you to Dr.Shwetha and the entire clinic staff for your excellent care.

Mr. Rajendra Jain

Teeth define ‘beauty’ of a face and Dr.Shwetha’s Dental and Implant Center has been the place where smiles get beautified. Dental treatment typically associates with painful processes and ordeals that one should undergo every time. But, Dr.Shwetha’s   clinic is a place where treatment becomes an experience and pain becomes pleasure. We couldn’t remember even a single case of after-effects or side effects for any dental treatment that we have undergone here despite the fact that we have done simple dental check-ups till complex root canal procedures and cap placed. With the world class, state of the art dental facility at the Dr.Shwetha  Dental and Implant Center, one can experience the comfort automatically just by stepping inside the premises

Mr. Ashok

Dr.Shwetha, I wanted to commend you for your professionalism, attention to detail, and outstanding patient service during my recent several visits to your dental clinic for various treatments.  Your staff, too, is efficient and professional, and has clearly blossomed under your outstanding leadership! A visit to the Dentist can sometimes be a nerve-wracking experience for many people, but your warm, professional, and very pleasant style makes the experience a very positive one! Your professional and technical competence is also very clear to see, as are your enthusiasm, energy, and dedication to your chosen profession! You are maintaining world-class standards at your clinic. Congratulations! I will recommend you to friends and associates. Thanks again.

Mr Gopichand

I met Dr. Shwetha   when I visited her clinic for my dental problems. Since then I had many appointments with her due to the bad conditions of my teeth. It was a big challenge on her side. I immediately had all my confidence in her. Her very serious professionalism, the high technology that is found at all levels of her dental clinic and her tremendous sympathy make it by far the best dental clinic I have met so far. For her, everything is possible, and everything that Dr.Shwetha   made for me is a success. She is a big part of my happy smile.

Miss Chandana

For someone who has never walked into a dental surgery alone in my life and who is normally scared at the mere sight of the dentist’s instruments, coming to Dr .Shwetha’s   Dental and Implant Center has been a huge step indeed. Right from the beginning, I was made to feel at ease by Dr.Shwetha. Thorough examination and the detailed explanations she gave as to the treatment required which were all clear and concise and at the same time comforting. I was under the specialist care of the Dr.Shwetha; such was my level of comfort during the interventions. The expertise, professionalism and dexterity of Dr.Shwetha   who performed flap surgery and bone grafting, made the whole process smooth and easy much to my own amazement. I am happy I made the right choice by choosing Dr.Shwetha’s   Dental and Implant center   and would certainly recommend them to all my friends and acquaintances that require expert and professional dental treatment, minus the pain.

Mrs. Hema

My over-riding emotion to describe my experience dealing with the team at Dr .Shwetha’s Dental and Implant  dental Center  is one of immense satisfaction. Dr.Shwetha   understands   my history   of high Diabetes   and dental problems. To having my appointment fixed– to being greeted at the Front desk – to my X-rays being taken – to my consultation and actual procedure with Dr. Shwetha– to billing – to their follow up, I can sum it all up to say that she is  an extremely professional as well as a  ‘warm’ doctor! Dr. Shwetha   obviously instills the right atmosphere and attitude at her Clinic. I would highly recommend them. All the best   Dr.Shwetha! Warm regards

Mrs. Madhumathi

As any patient entering the portals of a Dental Clinic, I too was filled with the fear of the unknown, even at my age! I had gone to  Dr.Shwetha’s   Dental and Implant Center. On my first visit to the clinic, I was a little apprehensive; but my fears were laid to rest- once I walked into Clinic and met Dr. Shwetha, who welcomed me with a cheerful smile and a warm ‘Hello’! Her deft fingers took charge of my problem. I thank God for those terrifying injections- the fine needles that hurt but also helped to keep the pain away. I was able to go through the ‘process’, without pain! Sensing this, Dr.Shwetha would calm me down with her soothing voice and that relaxed me! The reason I mention all this is, her hands never stopped doing their work, even while she kept her patient comfortable. Her confidence of being in control of her patient as well as the situation at hand stems from the depth of knowledge she has imbibed, skills and the experience she had gained in her profession– one can easily see that. Thank you, Dr.Shwetha.

Mrs. Jayashree

I came with many dental problems to Dr.Shwetha’s  Dental and Implant Center. Dr.Shwetha placed Implants in my mouth, I never experienced any pain. She gives the best moral support and comfort. So I never feel scared of dentistry in this clinic. She is very meticulous in her work and always provides the best.  She is very soft spoken and handles patients with care. They all are so good. I’ve seen many people after the Implants, sharing a very bad experience of pain and swelling the day and the next after their Implant surgery but I never experienced any. Thanks to Dr.Shwetha and her team for providing I the excellent treatment and making me feel as comfortable as at home.