• Check In

    After scheduling your appointment, which can be done directly in one of our clinics, through our telephone lines or on our website, you should go to the reception, where you will be received by one of our friendly receptionists, to check in.
  • First TIme Assistant

    After making the check in, one of our assistants will provide you with full support in completing a clinical record.
  • Waiting In

    While waiting for the diagnosis appointment that we call first time appointment, you can enjoy the comfort of our lounge watch TV, access the Internet or read newspaper and magazine. You can also have a coffee and relax.
  • Imagiology

    Next there is the visit to the Imagiology service, where a radio visiography is performed. Which will provide your dentist with the necessary information about your own health.
  • Evolution Medical Appointment

    With the information provided by the imagiology service, the dentist is then able to make a direct observation of the oral health of each patient. All the collected data are fundamental for a correct analysis of each case.
  • Treatment Plan

    With this information and observation, your dentist is able to evaluate your needs and draw up a treatment plan completely appropriate for your case.
  • Checkout

    After the appointment, any questions regarding the treatment plan, conditions of payment or other, will be duly clarified so that you check out relaxed and informed.

Nothing beats a Great Smile