Dr.Shwetha's Dental is equipped with the latest technology in dentistry. Lasers are one such exciting advancement in the dental field that we have incorporated in our dental practice. The laser never actually touches your tooth or gums, just the light. Laser dentistry reduces if not eliminates the need for anesthesia, causes minimal pain and bleeding and considerably reduces healing time. Consequently you spend less time in the dental chair and have a more pleasant dental treatment with more predictable results. Laser equipment carry the laser power to the hand piece through fibre optic cables and is emitted through the tip of the instrument enabling the dental microsurgical procedures. It offers treatment that is very effective, faster, precise and comfortable to the patient. Laser offer great advantages to the patients when compared to other conventional cosmetic and general dental surgery procedures.

Laser teeth whitening

Laser whitening is effective and has become extremely popular over the past decade. Doctor Smile LWS TITANIUM – Laser Whitening System with TiO2 is the safest and fastest way to whiten the teeth, removing the most difficult discolouration from your teeth caused by different agents such as coffee, tobacco, wine and other pigmented stains.